We are a research, strategy and design company helping organizations work smarter and build products faster.

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As service and design innovators, we help our clients solve problems, accelerate growth and establish competitive differentiation. It starts with understanding behavior, developing better working patterns, and building more effective products.

Here’s why businesses love Person:

We are human-centered.

Very user friendly. We took away a greater understanding of how our customers use our product and what improvements they value most.

We are strategic innovators.

Design thinking helps innovate faster. It was fun and challenging. I appreciate the ability to provide feedback in hopes of helping improve the software.

We are data-driven.

The energy was great, the effort of the facilitators was great, the quality was great. I think it was well put together and I learned a lot from the data.

We build innovative products.

Client input and ideation was really critical and eye opening and made the product better.

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We powerfully demonstrate the value of applying creativity in a business context. Today, companies are facing big challenges and need to identify opportunities in the market quickly and develop initiatives to meet those challenges. 

We develop ways of working for some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

Facing a slow down or inefficiency? We can help you work smarter and faster. Have a remote team that’s struggling to connect and leverage expertise? We can help you develop a cadence and culture that builds around the team you’ve already hired. Have an internal speed bump or roadblock that you can’t agree on? We can help you find consensus and not just move it, but uncover new opportunities for growth.

We also work with you to develop products and services that help your business grow. We use design methods to speed up work that would usually take months.

Have a new product? We can build a picture of your users, and what they expect and need. Have a Frankenstein product? We can help your team co-create with customers and re-imagine A-to-Z. Need to scale? We can help you launch faster and learn from real data.


We’re all about people and putting them at the center of our work. We call this holistic user experience. But sometimes there are terms that companies look for, so we made a short list below to help you. 

  • User Research
  • Working Patterns
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Service Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Concept Validation Testing
  • Usability Testing

Who works with Person

$563b Social networking service company
$228b Communications and software company
$1.6b Information discovery company
$60m Cloud-based software company
$15m Insurtech modelling and analytics company

Past clients

IBM Blockchain
IBM Cloud
IBM Developer
IBM Watson
Johnson and Johnson
Liberty Mutual

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch: info@person.consulting. Or not. That’s okay too.