Person is a design company working at the intersection of people and technology.

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We help leaders accelerate growth and establish competitive differentiation. It starts with¬†understanding people better, working smarter, and building products that solve real problems. Let’s do it together.

Here’s why businesses love Person:

We are human-centered.

Very user friendly. We took away a greater understanding of how our customers use our product and what improvements they value most.

We are strategic innovators.

Design thinking helps innovate faster. It was fun and challenging. I appreciate the ability to provide feedback in hopes of helping improve the software.

We are data-driven.

The energy was great, the effort of the facilitators was great, the quality was great. I think it was well put together and I learned a lot from the data.

We build innovative products.

Client input and ideation was really critical and eye opening and made the product better.

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